SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)

SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)

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This rotating spray table is designed for painting cabinet doors and parts with precision and ease. With its 360-degree rotation, the SprayTwirly allows for complete control and accuracy when painting all sides of your cabinet doors and parts while standing in one spot. Retractable arms and adjustable magnetic spikes make it a versatile tool for painting a range of cabinet door sizes. Quickly and easily assemble it (no tools required), then pack it up to transport to your next job.

    • Get 360-degree rotation for a precision finish
    • No need to walk around it
    • Adjustable arms to accommodate a range of cabinet sizes
    • Replacement spikes available (sold separately)
    • Table height increased on Lot #104





    Customer Reviews

    Based on 91 reviews
    Jason Cobos

    1. good product but...
    2. support legs slightly uneven, it wobbles a bit.
    3. having four retractable arms vs three would be great improvement in my opinion.
    4. adjustable height would be another great improvement on this.

    Great feedback Jason. We're developing a second spray stand now and will push your suggestions to the development team.

    cristian moldovan

    good product ,,,,,five stars

    Frank C.

    Great product and works well- We need more products that are made in America- wish this was.

    Eddie Cotter
    Really nice piece of kit

    This is a well made sturdy item that is very easy to use,it takes different size doors spins nicely and it's great that it can be taken apart very quickly and moved around anywhere

    Kevin eastman

    To be fair it’s a pretty simple stand/concept but I was surprised by the quality of materials used. It feels very sturdy and performed just as advertised. I am now 3 kitchens in and planning on buying other items from them