SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)

SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)

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Get 360-degree rotation for a precision finish. This versatile stand features adjustable paint pyramids and retractable arms for handling a range of sizes, to minimize overspray.

  • Easily spray all angles of the cabinet door.
  • No need to walk around it.
  • Adjustable to all cabinet sizes.
  • Table height increased on Lot #104


Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Josh T
Loving it

The Twirly has greatly changed the game for me. its extremely functional and has cut my spray time in half if not more. if you're painting cabinet doors and this isn't in your spray area, it needs to be!

Ralph Tanaka
Needs Improvement

I bought this along with the PJSB Pro Bundle and 2 tabletop drying racks. I am so impressed with everything in my order…except for the twirly. And here’s why.

1. The top “twirly” portion just sits on the center pole with no way to secure it even a little, so it’s just freestanding and spins with no fixed resistance of any kind.

2. The 3 metal wire notches that slide into the 3 arms, if they get hit with any paint or overspray and you spin the twirly with your hands, your gloves/hands get paint all over, this causing a mess of equipment and other side of the doors being sprayed when going to transport them to the drying racks. (Obviously this only applies if you’re solo and don’t have someone with clean gloves to pick up the pieces being sprayed)

3. All 3 magnets that hold up the 3 metal pegs fell off on the first use since paint and overspray inevitably got onto the 3 arms and stand. The pegs are very hard to adjust since they were so tight before I even used it for the first time today. Now that there’s paint on the tracks of the 3 arms, it’s almost impossible to slide them at all and I have to forcefully pull them off to readjust, also ending up with paint all over gloves.

I probably won’t be using this again unless I have a helper or figure out a way to move these pegs easier. Poorly made for the price point and needs serious improvements.

Very good feedback and suggestions Ralph. Thank you for taking the time to write this up. Obviously it disappoints us to hear that you're not satisfied with this product and we'll reach out to you directly to compensate you for this. In the mean time, addressing your design concerns:

1) You're right, this is free spinning. It would be difficult to provide drag that could be controlled. Most user will hold one of the arm extensions to turn the sprayed item, rather that allow to spin freely.

2) We suggest you mask the arms with 6-12' brown masking paper. This is thin enough to allow the spikes to work properly but only exposes the retractable arms to overspray.

3) The magnets should have NOT come off. We had issues with the initial offering, but thought we had corrected this with a different adhesive. Note that they are not intended to slide. But should be lifted and placed if an adjustment is needed. Breaking the connection is best done by tipping the spike to release the magnet. We'll send you additional spikes for you to try.

But again, great feedback. And we agree that it could always be better. But in fairness, we have 1,000's of customers who love this product. It does provide a useful tool for spraying cabinets.


This item is functional I like it!!

Rich V
If you spray cabinets you need this

Cut my spraying time almost in half. Spray door, spin, spray door and done. Next door. Simple as that

Karlene Mikesell

Very glad we purchased this! Love being to get all sides of door painted before fliping it over.