SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)
SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)

SprayTwirly™ (SPTY)

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Get 360-degree rotation for a precision finish. This versatile stand features adjustable paint pyramids and retractable arms for handling a range of sizes, to minimize overspray.

  • Easily spray all angles of the cabinet door.
  • No need to walk around it.
  • Adjustable to all cabinet sizes.
  • Table height increased on Lot #104


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Marco Mancuso
Great buy

I like this thing a lot, I would give 5 stars but I feel it's a little too short. At 6 foot I'm slouching all day over it. Another orange pole with the kit to extend another 8 inches or so would be great. Also find it counter productive that it doesn't come with a bag like my psdr did. I think it's a lost opportunity on paintlines end not offering additional bags for purchase for all of their accessories including the twirly.

Thanks for this feedback Marco. Note that we're developing an adjustable version that we hope to introduce in 2022. And duly noted on the bags. Stay tuned!

Joey Threatte

The Spray Twirly incorporates a very simple but convenient method for painting doors and drawers. Very happy with the purchase and with Paintline.

Shane Parish

Works great when you have all the parts! Was initially shorted the magnetic stands, pyramids and set screw.
Paintline got them shipped out quickly.

Studio Bonomo
Simple device does the trick

It whirls! it twirls! it keeps your subject in focus as you quickly paint surfaces and edges. Easy setup and breakdown for quick work.

Thomas Reams
Under test review

We are currently testing products.