PaintLine Vendor Information

Our SW Vendor Number is: 30082916


We have depleted our inventory of PJSB Disposable Liners (24 Pack).
The PJSB Pro Bundle and PJSB Blower Bundle will both include a 3-pack with each order.
We will ship the other 21 Liners for each order when they are back in stock, estimated to be towards the end of October.

 A 3-pack of Liners will still be included in all Portable Jobsite Spray Booth (PJSB) purchases.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

Please note that PaintLine is a brand of Merchandising Systems Inc.

Reduce/eliminate shipping costs for bulk orders.
Contact or call +1 (510) 477-9100 for more information.

MAP Policy:    The Reseller advertised price must not be less than our retail price listed above.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us
by emailing or by calling (510) 477-9100.

By stocking PaintLine inventory at your location, your customers will enjoy immediate
access to our innovative equipment, which can be helpful for those who would like to see,
try out, and learn more about our products in person. We are here to answer any
questions you may have and are looking forward to working with you.