YouTube submission guide

Thank you for your interest in submitting your tips and advices for This document serves as a submission and visual style guide for video submissions. Please read it thoroughly before sending us your video. 

All submissions must:

  • Be original 
  • Not infringe on any third-party rights (logos, music, intellectual property, etc.).
  • Be submitted to in MP4 or MOV format. 
  • Include your contact information: Name, company name, city, state, website, e-mail and phone #.
  • Include or attach (as a Word document) a 100-word write-up about the company and video topic.
  • Be at least one minute. 
  • 5 minutes maximum.
  • Be in English.
  • Fall in line with the style of topics we're looking for. Find what they are here 


  1. You don’t need to hire a professional. A homemade quality video can work great. 
  2. You can use your phone or a video camera to record your video.
  3. Use sufficient lighting. People need to see you and what you are doing/talking about. The lighter, the better. Also, having more than one light source will help alleviate any kind of shadows.
  4. Think about what’s behind you before you hit the record button. It’s very difficult to take someone seriously if behind them is, for instance, junk scattered all over a desk.
  5. Try to have as much of a personality on camera as possible to come across well. Be energetic and let the real you shine through.
  6. Stay on topic and try not to ramble. Only say what’s absolutely necessary to get your point across on camera.