How do you benefit from submitting your video and articles to us? 

The way Google Ranking works is:

If a client searches “Kitchen Renovation in San Diego” the companies or individuals spending money on Google ads will show up first… 

“Yikes, but I don’t want to spend money on this kind of stuff….”
Don’t worry, in order to improve your Google ranking without spending any money, you’ll need to invest in SEO… however, just SEO is not enough. 

Think about it… There are 200 contractors in San Diego, offering the same service and they’re all tech savvy and investing in their organic strategy. What is it that makes one company better than others?

Their CREDIBILITY! Google optimizes searches based on location and credibility. So, the more your company gets mentioned on different web pages (PR articles, blog posts, social media & etc.,) the more likely are your chances of showing up when somebody searches “Kitchen Renovation in San Diego”. 

With that said, by submitting your content, tips or ideas to you’ll improve your chances of showing up on location-based Google searches because your company will be mentioned on our website and social media accounts. Yup, that’s free advertising for you!