blog submission guideline

Thank you for your interest in submitting your tips and advices for This document serves as a submission and visual style guide for article submissions. Please read it thoroughly before submitting your draft.

Grammar and spelling
Our team will edit for grammar, spelling, formatting, style, and more. The process is expedited when people make an effort to proofread and apply proper grammar and spelling to article drafts.
Word Count
We’re looking for submissions with at least 350 words. If you’re citing a source, please attach it to the end of the document. 
Please submit blog entries with at least one image. The more the better. 
Submission Guide
We’re looking for original content on these kind of topics. If your blog submission has already been published on another site, please let us know.

The audience of tend to be men and women between the age of 25 – 45 who are DIY enthusiasts, works in the construction, wood making and refinishing business. 

Review process
Send your draft to media@thepaintlinecom. Our team will review your submission and respond with next steps.